What should my kid wear to an obstacle race?

What type of clothing should my kid wear to an Obstacle Race?

With millions of adults participating through-out the world in events like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, BattleFrog Series or the countless other obstacle races over the last few years, it has opened the door for more kid-based courses being designed and built. Below we have provided some examples of kids gear that might interest you and your youngster.

You can find a listing of obstacle race and themed events that are kid friendly on the OCRkids Kids Races Page.


First thing you want to invest in for your OCRkids will be a decent pair of trail shoes. This provides me the security that my child will have the ability to balance better and will be less likely to take a fall in slippery mud and clay (Nervous Parent!). Picking shoes is hard enough for adults. Kids tend to pick their shoes of how cool they look. Definitely hit up the internet for shoe sizing for your kids to make sure they are comfortable.

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Stay clear off cotton as kids will stay in their wet clothes for days if you let them. Chaffing and skin irritation are common when wearing cotton underwear, shorts, socks and shirts. We always recommend to find them small compression, tech or spandex type material to protect the more sensitive areas. Plus the kids feel awesome when they get to dress like their parents!


Don’t forget about the fun! Remember that we love obstacle racing because it makes us feel like a kid again. Well, they might not get the same feeling as they ARE A KID STILL! Allow them to enjoy themselves, play in the dirt, climb stuff, crawl under stuff and everything else they want to do naturally. What they really want is to be like you!


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