We are giving away 10 OCRkids T-Shirts!

Obstacle Race and OCRkids

We are giving away Official OCRkids T-Shirts for 10 OCRkids to tell us about their experiences at obstacle course races and mud runs. We will be reviewing them and will choose 10 of them to share with-in the OCRkids, MudRunFun and other OCR Communities. Each of the OCRkids that are chosen will be mailed an Official OCRKids Orange T-Shirt!

OCR Kids T-Shirts for obstacle race kids

In order to be qualified you must provide:

  1. Parents or Guardians Email address
  2. Article either written by your OCRkid or written for your OCRkid in their own words. We will also accept scanned items if your OCRkid would like to write it on paper.
  3. Two to Three photos of your OCRkids at an OCR / Obstacle Race / Mud Run event.
  4. Your OCRkids Shirt Size. S/M/L
  5. Like the OCRkids Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OCRkids

Email the first four items to “fun@ocrkids.com“. You will be notified via email if your OCRKid’s article will be chosen.

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