Tough Mudder offers Mini Mudder for kids

tough mudder offer ocrkids the mini mudderTough Mudder announces a unique partnership today that will open up the flood gates for millions of kids to participate in the what is dubbed “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet.”  Check out the Press Release below!

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Tough Mudder Inc. is launching a multi-territory partnership with one of the leading international soft drinks Companies, Britvic PLC, to jointly develop a custom event aimed at children aged 7-12. The pioneering Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder obstacle courses will inspire the next generation to explore their adventurous sides and have fun together while experiencing the power of teamwork.

As part of a three-year international partnership, 2015 will see Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder events hosted alongside existing Tough Mudder and Mudderella events across the US, UK and Ireland, with expansion to additional regions and event formats planned for 2016/2017.  Each course will run about a mile long, consisting of four laps around a loop featuring exhilarating new obstacles designed custom for children, including:

  • Tunnel of Terror: Who knows what’s inside as you slide up and through the darkened tunnels… Grab friends and climb under, over and through to the other side with your team!
  • Gooey Shoes: Get your shoes tied tight and take a shot to walk across a slimy slippery surface without slipping, sinking or sticking to the ground! Move quick or you’ll be stuck behind.
  • Secret Agent Squeeze: An international boy or girl of mystery? Sharpen your spy skills and get a super stretch to try and slip through the cracks of the ‘laser’ maze.
  • Mount Mud: Watched your parents on the big course and want to get in the Mud? Climb, slosh, slip, and squirm your way over the grand finale Mount Mud, featuring an exciting Fruit Shoot slide into the mud to claim your headband after finishing the course.

A new addition to the Tough Mudder Inc. family of brands, Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder joins Tough Mudder, a 10-12 mile military-style obstacle course challenge, and Mudderella, a 5-7 mile obstacle course experience designed for women, by women. The launch of Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder ties into the recent announcement of “Tough Mudder Redefined,” a new initiative updating and expanding Tough Mudder Inc.’s offerings to bring the Company’s values of teamwork, courage and fun to an even wider audience.

As with Tough Mudder and Mudderella events, Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder courses will be untimed, encouraging children to focus instead on trying new things, building friendships and working as a team. While past Tough Mudder and Mudderella events have included a few obstacles for children, Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder will reinvent the entire experience.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Britvic and to begin to roll-out Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder courses at our events in 2015,” said Will Dean, CEO and Founder of Tough Mudder. “Given the high family turnout and participation at our events, it was a natural fit to work with Britvic to enhance the on-site experience for children and their guardians. Our obstacle innovation and engineering teams have worked closely with Britvic for the past year to perfect the event, and we’re looking forward to welcoming our first Fruit Shoot Mini Mudders on course.”

Matthew Barwell, CMO, Britvic, commented: “Fruit Shoot is committed to encouraging kids to play and promoting active lifestyles with a sense of adventure. We carried out research amongst kids1, which revealed that children have little access to outdoor adventures; yet taking part in activities that challenge them and give them a sense of achievement appeals to them the most. We approached Tough Mudder with the idea of co-creating a unique event that would help get kids out and active and inspire their adventurous sides, just like they have done with adults. We have ensured kids are front and center of the event, working closely with kids in the US and UK to create the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder experience, from designing their ultimate obstacle to putting each one to the test.”

The first Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder event will debut in the US at Tough Mudder Gulf Coast on March 7 near Pensacola, Florida, and the first UK event will take place on May 2 & 3 near Henley, Oxfordshire. For more information on the event series, or and Participant and spectator registrations are now open.”

The complete list of Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder obstacles:

  • Don’t Get Slimed – Try and avoid getting splashed with an unknown radioactive liquid while testing your agility and speed (Slime contains non-Newtonian fluid made from natural and non-harmful materials).
  • Gooey Shoes – Get your shot to walk across a slimy, slippery surface without slipping
  • Hangin’ On, Hangin’ Out – Let the monkey in you come alive as you try out varying levels of difficulty on each lap to cross side-by-side or hand-over-hand while suspended in mid-air
  • Secret Agent Squeeze – Feel like your very own 007 as you slip through the cracks of this ‘lazer’ maze with different traps on each lap
  • A-Frame Adventure – Double your fun by climbing up and over our a-frame using ropes on one lap and holds on the next
  • Tunnel of Terror – Who knows what’s inside as you slide up and through the darkened tunnels
  • Wagon Draggin’ – Work with your pal to drag your pioneer wagon that’s lost its wheels and horses.  You’ll need teamwork and all your might to carry it through to the other side
  • Crazy Climb – Get out into the wild, wild west and make your way up and over the hay bales before you can move on
  • Mount Mud (FINALE) – Cross over into the world of True Fruit Shoot Mini Mudders and claim your headband after slipping and sloshing through Mount Mud

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