They Want To Be Just Like You!


Think back to when you were a kid. Did it involve long days out in the sun whether you were with your friends or alone? Building forts, playing chase, digging in the dirt, and collecting scrapes and scars from every great adventure you had? A lot of kids today are missing out on the fresh air and the excitement that awaits them outdoors. As more and more children are finding comfort inside with their phones and video games, it seems like more adults are reaching out and once again enjoying days spent playing in the mud with friends.

Obstacle course races are a ton of fun. It is obvious why it is becoming such a trend and a passion in so many lives. Unfortunately, a lot of courses are too intimidating for little ones, or they have an age requirement that haven’t been reached yet. This tends to lead to kids being left at home with a sitter, or left walking the sidelines as a spectator just watching the fun. Luckily, there are many events that offer kid friendly courses! This way your little ones can take on a challenge of their own while you are out crushing your race.


Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder’s Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder is a one mile course perfect for kids between the ages of seven and twelve. This exciting course is packed with obstacles that kids will remember for a long time afterwards. They will learn the power of working together. They will embrace adventure. They will stay tough and strong while getting muddy. Most importantly, Mini Mudders learn that they do not whine. Babies whine! Mini Mudders can, and will, do anything. Sign your kid up today and watch them shine through the dirt! Find local Tough Mudders here.


Spartan Race

Spartans are known for being strong and bold, it should be no surprise that Spartan Kids display the same traits. Spartan offers three kids races for different age groups and skill levels. Kids ages four to fourteen can dive into the obstacles and mud that await them on the course. Have your children climb, jump, crawl, and run their hearts out while on their way to earning their very own spartan medal. Find an event near you here.


BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series

BattleFrog events are no joke. They test your mental and physical grit and make you really work for that medal at the finish line. Give your little ones a chance to become a mini Frogger and sign them up for either a Tadpole Dash or a Bullfrog Mile. These two events accommodate for kids ages four to thirteen while providing them with age appropriate demanding obstacles and tons of fun every step of the way. While this is not an event to expect mud at, kids should still be ready to crawl in the dirt, climb walls, and use teamwork to complete the challenge. See if there is a BattleFrog headed your way here.


Savage Race

Savage Race is known as having “the world’s best obstacles” for their full course, and they make sure the Savage Jr course is packed with fun as well! This race is for all minis aged twelve and under. Be there to cheer on your little one (or even help them through the course) while they tackle the junior obstacles that are set to be challenging but memorable. Bring your little ones to a Savage Jr run and be prepared for them to form friendships and have laughs while making memories that will last them a lifetime. Search for upcoming Savage Races here.


Terrain Race

Terrain Races are fun courses that give participants different distances of courses to take on. In addition to the options they offer the big kids and adults, they also have two options of kids races. One suited for ages 9-15 and the other better fitted for the smaller adventurers. The Little Monkey Terrain Race is perfect for the youngsters who just can’t get enough mud! There are plenty of obstacles that resemble the adults course, but on a better size scale. Kids will have nothing but a great time working towards their medal at the end of the journey. Look to see if a Terrain Race will be near you here.


In addition to these well known and bigger name races, be on the lookout for more local events and series. Many of the smaller companies either host family friendly events or a mini version intended for kids and little ones. Get out there and play in the mud just like you used to when you were a kid, but don’t forget about the munchkins you have now! There are plenty of fun events and experiences for them to have, and you could be introducing them to something that could be a real passion for the future.

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