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The all-time favorite runs of Florida’s OCRkids

This 2015 make sure you don’t miss out on any of these awesome events, here we will let you know what to expect of these Kid’s runs for the first semester of the year to set you up for a great start of a great muddy year!
Starting your calendar like a warrior with the Tampa Spartan Sprint Stadium on February 14th, because, what a better way for kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day than teaming up in the mud and making new friends on the course? ^This is Sparta!!^
Spartan Race has divided the kids run in 2 groups, the Junior Varsity for kids aged 4-8 with a half mile course, this amazing course is filled with the most fun you can ever imagine! It has kid size with Spartan heart obstacles which provides the munchkins with their own Spartan adventure. The second group or category is the Varsity Kids for kids aged 9-13, an EPIC mile for the bigger kids to jump, run, get muddy, help each other and have a good time, while conquering obstacles that mimic the adult race.spartan awards copy
This two categories are divided in different waves, Varsity Spartan starts Saturday with the first wave at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm and it finishes Sunday with the last two waves of the events for this category at 10am and 12pm. The Junior Varsity Spartan starts Saturday at 10:30am, 12:30pm, and 2:30pm and it finishes Sunday with the last 2 waves for this category at 10:30am and 12:30pm. The online registration fee is $25 and if you by chance forgot to register before the day of the event, the registration will still be open the days of the event, Saturday will be open until 2pm and Sunday until 12pm and the registration fee is $30. All this awesomeness will happen at 4201 N.Dale Mabry Highway Tampa FL US. 
Now let’s get to the bragging rights, every kid that participates in the event is rewarded with a Spartan T-shirt, a finisher medal, the race bib and the Spartan headband with their bib number on so they can show off about their experience, also, all the Spartan kids runs are the same difficulty, Sprint, Super and Beast so they would agree you can call yourself A BEAST! FIND A SPARTAN RACE KIDS EVENT NEAR YOU!
If this first event of the season didn’t fulfill your hunger for muddy adventures, it’s alright because there’s MORE, the amazing Spartan is followed by no less than one of the greatest, The BattleFrog Series and their Tadpole Dash, on February 28th in Miami, Amelia Earhart Park 401 E 65th Street Hialeah, FL 33013. If you miss that or want some more of the Tadpole Dash fun adventure, they have a second date and different location, on March 14th in Orlando, Rock on Adventures Ranch 17701 Old YMCA Road Winter Garden, FL 34787.
battlefrog awardsWith a course full of FUNtastic right-sized obstacles for our Padawans, the Tadpole Dash is inspired by the Navy Seals ^respectful bow^ but scaled to fit our kids abilities and size. It is known to be a very stimulating experience for the children, they push themselves to limits they didn’t imagine, overcoming difficult challenges to reach the main goal, finish the course and succeed, which teaches them how to deal with challenges on a daily basis. 
All this while having fun, getting muddy and being inspired, motivated and entertain by the Navy Seals, YES! The Navy Seals team run the course along with the kids to help them over the tough areas, what is more inspiring than that? One of the closest things we have of a Super Hero, hand in hand with the kids, teaching them the concept of Teamwork and the Spirit of never quitting and trying your best, and of course like most of the mud runs, the BattleFrog Tadpole Dash rewards every participant with an amazing finisher medal ^ribbit ribbit^ a T-shirt and a race bib for a registration fee of $20, don’t let your OCRkid miss this great opportunity to run along the major league’s! FIND A BATTLEFROG SERIES KIDS EVENT NEAR YOU!
On March 28th and 29th the date is with Savage Race and their Savage Jr. for all OCRkids under 12 years we are pleased to let you all know that they are redesigning their awards woohoo! If you thought you had seen it all, think about that twice! The course consist of half a mile of mud, fun, challenges and some wilderness with a total of 10-12 Junior obstacles this course promises to be an adventure any kid would want to be part of.
We wish we could show you the awards but it will have to wait, what we can tell is every Savage Jr will receive a T-shirt a finisher medal and a race bib and of course as usual a lot of fun and bragging rights let’s see what they come up with, since they were already cool, we are pretty sure they will be even cooler now!
This adventure will take place at 17951 Hamilton Road Dade City Florida the last weekend of March with waves going out from 11:00am until 1:00pm, make sure you register online for a $30 registration fee but if you by chance forget, which we hope you don’t because this looks like a ton of fun, you can register the day of the event for a $40 registration fee. FIND A SAVAGE RACE NEAR YOU!
After bringing out the Beast inside of you, after Ribbiting and going Wild are you ready for the biggest group of challenges in this season? Are you ready for the Monster Challenges? Better be! Because the monster of all monsters will be waiting for you on April 11th.
With nearly half a mile of obstacles and challenges designed for the little ones, give them the opportunity to get dirty and muddy like a true OCRkid! Safety is priority when it comes to Monster Challenges, because we want to have fun, not get hurt, it is important to know that the kids should be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the course and the best part of this is that kids can run it whenever they want to and as many times as they want to starting at 9:00 a.m.
Thinking on what is best for all our little runners, Monster Challenges changed their bibs to Kid friendly bibs, a self-adhesive vinyl! Kiss goodbye to those pinchy mean pins!
This April the kids course awards the runners with a mini version of the regular course medal, adjusted to the kids with the same feeling of Victory and the awesome shirt with the Eye of the monster! ^I see you…^monster challenges award
The run will take place in 15000 Frank Jarrell Road, Clermont Florida and registration will be open the day of the event and it will be $20, although we recommend you to register prior to the event, due to the high demand this run has they might not have shirts nor medals available for kids registering on the event day and we all know it is super ubber duper awesome to do obstacle course runs but it also feels great to have something to collect or show off, also the registration fee is only $15 if you register prior to the event. Save yourself the hassle of waiting in line to register, secure your earned trophies and save $5 to go for a well-deserved ice cream after the run. SIGN UP FOR MONSTER CHALLENGES TODAY!
Following the Monster you will have to be a warrior, brave, with the Courage to beat this event, the Courage Challenges, an entire mile filled with mud, fun and 7 to 8 obstacles similar to the adult course obstacles, a full mile to run together and make the child-parent bond even stronger.
This is all you have been training for, as a true blue OCRkid the runners will need to crawl like a gecko, climb like a monkey, jump walls like a frog, pass the beams, tunnels and pits like a Spartan and prove that you are a monster going down the slides.  
Best idea in the world, the “pre-wash your kiddos here” an incredible foam pit, it’s a challenge not to join the fun of the foam pit. This event is in prelim stages for April 18th and they might merge the course! If so, young runners between 7 and 14 will be allowed to complete the full course as long as they are running with a responsible adult. Keep track of this event through OCRkids, we will post you with the final verdict. SIGN UP FOR COURAGE CHALLENGES TODAY!
These are only the first few months of the calendar and only some of the muddy adventures, make sure you check our OCRkids event site where you can find the date and location of several events like Color runs, Flavor runs, Swamp Dash and Bash, American Mud Race, Never Quit and many more, all amazingly fun to fill your year with incredible weekends you won’t forget.
ARE YOU NOT IN FLORIDA AND LOOKING FOR EVENTS FOR KIDS IN YOUR AREA? Click here for more national kids events! 

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