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My name is Jordan Villalobos and I’m 7 years old, I like doing obstacle runs and I have been running these events for 2 years, imagine that! I started when I was only 5 years old, I know, I know you were in diapers when I started running, running fast, SUPER-FAST like a cheetah through the course. I might look like a young and regular kid but I’m fast and strong like Superman that bends cars in half, well maybe not that much but you got the point, what can I say? I learned from THE BEST of course, who is that you say? Pssss DAD!.


I remember my very first encounter with the mud, oh I was ready! I could smell the mud, taste the mud, feel the mud and yeah OK some cow poop in the mix… my feet were ready to take off! The Super Hero Scramble Miami, it was a beautiful morning, I have never seen so many super heroes together at one time! There I was, surrounded by Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and even the NINJA TURTLES!! My heart was beating in my chest like it wanted to come out! What an awesome event. Running down the course, crawling under nets, jumping off a wall that I kid you not it was taller than I was! Climbing up the rope! I felt like I was a super hero too! Like one of the Cheetahmen! Since then I have been hooked, there was no way I would go back to who I was. After getting muddy I knew that I was made for mud running, I knew I was born to be AWESOME like my dad, and OCR CHAMPION!!

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I have done 6 events so far and I plan to run a lot more, my potential is not going to waste, I know I can be THE BEST, well, with a lot of practice.. my favorite part of the runs is, the “mud”, I like to get muddy from head to toe, go through a thick mud OH NOES! I’m stuck in quicksand that’s what the other kids say, I go light like a feather smooth like a baby’s bottom! That’s why my favorite event has been Monster Challenges, even though there’s no such a thing as a MONSTER challenge for me, I can beat them all, nothing feels better than their Muddy mossy water!

And yes I know I said Monster Challenges is my favorite event, but still, I gotta admit they have the obstacle that scared me the most, The Zip line, my legs were shaking, my hands got cold, I could hear my heart “th-thump, th-thump, th-thump” I thought it was the end of me (x.x) but I’m a tough cookie and I said to myself: if my short life is to end then let it be like a champion! And yes, it looks scary but it feels SUPER COOL like batman SHUUSH! Sliding on a rope off a building! na na na na na na na na na BATMAAAN!! And after that you have the barbwire crawl in the course, I don’t like it, it’s hard to crawl in there and it feels like I’m in a combat movie PEW PEW! GET DOWN TO THE GROUND! KABOOM!!.

My friends think these events are really cool, of course they have asked me how did I master the monkey bars in the school playground? So, I have told them the stories about my obstacle racing career, some are easy some well, not so much, like the log carry in the Spartan Tampa those logs were just as big as a tree, for a second I question it, how am I going to carry a log ten times bigger than me? So I closed my eyes took a deep breath “fast like a cheetah, strong like an eagle” did you know they can lift 4 times their own weight while flying? I think that’s AMAZING! It was tough but I made it and it felt really good, I had achieved another goal! My friends also asked me what would I make if I were to make the obstacles, no doubt a barbwire hurdle! I run like a cheetah and can jump like one too. And like a cheetah I need a power nap after I finish because I feel really tired, guess I’m happy I don’t have to drive home.

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