Obstacle Racing Kid interviewed.

OCR kids participates in Obstacle Race.

-Lorelai Hunt age 5

I asked these questions yesterday to my five year old daughter. She completed the adult Monster Challenges course which was a little over 4 and half. She was the youngest to complete this obstacle race loved it. Mud is now in my daughter’s blood. She can’t wait to run another Obstacle Race OCR.

1) Were you scared?

No, you run them mommy

2) What was your favorite obstacle?

The monkey bars.

3) What was the hardest obstacle?

Definitely the mud, I couldn’t lift my feet.

4) Would you run another obstacle race?

(Enthusiastic) YES

5) If you were telling other kids about it, what would you tell them?

About all the cool obstacles and getting to dress up.

6) Whose your favorite OCR team?


7) How did you feel when you finished the obstacle race?

Sick (giggles) and tired, but proud I finished.

8) Anything else you want to say?

I liked it and loved the obstacles and hotel.

Monster Challenges OCR kids

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