Josalyn Wright and The Castle Canyon, she’s loving it!

OCR kids camo logo for obstacle races.Josalyn is a nine-year old 4th grader who loves playing outside, climbing trees, books and of course running obstacle races. Her current 5k PR time is 24:16. This past weekend she ran the Castle Canyon with her family, in her own words, she LOVED IT! lets see what she had to say about this muddy experience.

I really loved Castle Canyon! I really loved the hills because there are not a lot of them where I live. When Mr. microphone-man announced the teams he was really funny I liked him. We all ran together, mom, dad, me and my brother. He is not as fast as me but he tries really hard and I like to cheer for him. At that race, the mud was awesome! It was really slippery which made it challenging, it was like a waterslide when I fell on my bum! surprisingly it did not hurt. I LOVED the ropes and there were people up at the top to help.

obstacle race kid Joselynn WrightAt Castle Canyon the people there were really nice and supportive. And with their help I felt like nothing is going to bring me down, and I also felt safe and relaxed. I just noticed I got sore from the rope and I felt really happy because I’m really small so I made it my goal to get some guns, and I got some! Wait, it gets better, there were monkey bars too! It was really fun to get up there and climb. Also there were little poles that we had to cross, so I thought “sloth style” I climbed with my arms and my legs on top of it that made me very happy to beat the obstacle. When we got to the water part I grabbed hold to my mom’s hand because I didn’t want to take any chances. But when I got in I realized there is nothing to be afraid of so, I SLOWLY let go of my mom’s arm and I thought hey that wasn’t too bad. Next there was wooden thingymabobs that we had to go over and under that was fun because I was small enough to fit under it. My brother and I used teamwork to drag the big block of cement. It looked like a little castle, but heavy.

I really loved the music there too. Then, there was a wall that had two pieces of wood to climb over to the top I kept slipping so good thing there were a lot of nice people there.obstacle race ocrkid joselynn Wright There was remixes of songs and I was like hey this is my jam! I really like remixes because I don’t really listen to them so when I hear them I want to be somewhere special so I went to Castle Canyon, ran the race and maybe – I’m not saying I did- but I’m saying maybe, just maybe I ran behind people and danced like they do in the Ellen show! At the race my dad and I loved the course of the race it was beautiful there was a lot of neat stuff there. I really look forward to coming back there next year to do all the obstacles again and of course seeing the microphone-man. He made a lot of jokes that made mom laugh. I really can’t wait to try the monkey bars again they were really cool, fun. I liked the ropes that went up and down the hills and a lot of other things too. I really can’t pick a favorite obstacle I really loved all of them!

In conclusion, next year you should really go there because of all the good stuff I just told you. Look forward to seeing you there next year!


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