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Muddy Mommy article on obstacle races and ocrkids.

Since its inception, and subsequent boom over the last few years, obstacle racing has done something many other fitness crazes have not. It’s convinced thousands, perhaps even millions, of sedentary adults to get up off of their couch, step out of their comfort zone, and challenge their body and mind in a sport that brings us back to a primal place that it seems our modern minds yearn for.

This sport, marketed as an experience for everyone from the elite athlete to the couch potato, has been a huge benefactor in the weight loss of countless people (including myself). And by enticing newcomers with the experience of a lifetime, a free beer, and great camaraderie, our numbers continue to drastically increase.

Initially, obstacle racing was purely an adult event, but recently many events have begun adding shorter versions of their standard races for children interested in getting muddy (typically for children age 4-13). It seems as though race directors have begun to recognize that many children attend their races to spectate while Daddy & Mommy crawl through mud, scale walls, and jump fire. It really is a great way to impress your kids, all while sparking an interest in healthy living! I can tell you that the first time my son watched me at an obstacle race, he was in absolute awe. How cool was his Mommy to go out into the woods, get muddy, jump over fire, and then get an awesome medal?

Now considering the fact that I created Muddy Mommy in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to make positive healthy changes in their lives despite a busy schedule, I recently thought it would be great to not only focus on my own journey, but also begin to include my son! By encouraging him to make healthy choices and to stay active, I hope to live not only as a healthy individual, but to also reside within a family who structures our entire life around a healthy and active lifestyle. I truly believe that encouraging my son away from sedentary living at a young age will help to create a passion for healthy living into his adult years.

With that said, my son recently celebrated his 4th birthday, so we decided that it was high time to sign our little man up for his first mud run!

To be honest, he’s been talking about wanting to run in a kids race for months. He scales furniture in our living room pretending they are obstacles. When at the beach he runs along the water line pretending waves are fire and jumps them. Obstacle racing is right up his alley! And honestly, what kid doesn’t love running around and getting a bit dirty? It was high time to set him loose on the obstacle racing field.

So last weekend Mason and I ran Hog Wild Mud Run together. He loved every single minute of it! He was actually quite upset when it finished and asked if he could run it again! He giggled the entire time we ran through the mud pit, was proud of jumping over hay bales, ran his little heart out throughout the 3/4 mile route, and proudly wore his medal for the rest of the day. I think it’s safe to say, he’s as hooked as I am! See more at Muddy Mommy Blog!

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