Gary the Obstacle Race Warrior!

Gary and mom at Warrior Dash Ostacle Race

Well here I have it, my first obstacle race of the year. It is also my first Warrior Dash of 2015! At the starting line, I felt so many emotions going through my body at one time. Once I heard the word “start” all I could feel was freedom. Upon reaching the first mud obstacle,┬áit was like a road block, but I wasn’t going to let it get in my way. I knew it was just the start of the race and I couldn’t give up now. After I stumbled across some more mud, I lost my shoe! I kept hopping along until I got my shoe back, leaving me in last place. Looking ahead of me were several other runners on the side of the trail tying their shoes back on as well. I ran up ahead and reached the water obstacle. I knew I wasn’t the strongest swimmer, so I skipped it to be on the safe side. After that obstacle there was a sign that said, “FINISHED! Just kidding you still have three miles.” Once I arrived at the first wall, it was a breeze. Up and over and under the tarp I went. Next was my first crawl under barbed wire. Later in the race were the trenches, which was the grossest part of the whole race. There were boards on top and nasty mud you had to army crawl through.Gary at an obstacle race trench.

To be completely honest, I thought it was pretty awesome to get my hands and knees all dirty. The only thing bad about it was trying to get out of the tench and escape the mud hole. The next obstacle was the nineteen foot wall. At the first part of the wall I had to climb up with a rope and then climb down a wooden ladder. I tried my hardest to get up the rope, but my strength just wasn’t good enough. I knew that I would have to train harder in the future. The fire jump was next, and by far it was more awesome then I was expecting. I liked the feeling of the heat rushing up my legs.

gary jumping over fire at obstacle race. Near the end, there was the slanted wall I had to climb up. It was a piece of cake. After that, there was a cargo net. I walked across because there was icy cold water spraying up at me. I picked the slide all the way to the left because there was no water coming down on it. On the way down the slide there was bumps that made my butt hurt. So how do you think it feels with a sore butt? Arriving to the end of the slide was an unexpected plunge into the filthy, freezing, mucky water. I could barely breathe. I started to doggie paddle to the sand. I felt like I was a piece of seaweed being washed up to shore. Then finally the moment I’ve been waiting for was the mud water with barbed wire dangling above me. The feeling was intense, but I have to say it was my favorite part of the whole race. I AM A WARRIOR AND OCRKID !

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