5 reasons I know I am an OCRkid?

How I know I am an OCR kid.

By Josalyn Sunstar Wright

Kids are joining their parents in obstacle races.Hi, I’m Josalyn, and I really like running. It is even more fun when you get to do neat things when you run. This is why I started to run obstacle races with my dad. This has changed me in good ways and I will share my top five reasons I now know I am an OCR kid!

The first reason I know I’m an OCR kid is because I look at things and wonder- can I climb that? Either way I still attempt to climb the object like a tree, those red balls at Target stores, tennis court fences, any ropes I can find, and monkey bars. I really like monkey bars!

The second reason I know I am an OCR kid is because I make my dad wake me up early in the morning so we can go running just before school starts every day.  My dad told me that you should go running early in the morning because by the time you’re done with work or school you will be exhausted and have no energy to run. We might get busy too and not be able to exercise or practice stuff. This way I know we got some running in for the day no matter what.

The third reason I know I am an OCR kid is because I learned that it’s very important to train before races because if you train by running and climbing every day your body will get used to it. That helps me get better at doing obstacles too. It is nice when it rains too. Some people run to get out of the rain. I like to go run in it!

The fourth reason I know I am an OCR kid is because I really enjoy jumping in mud puddles, playing outside, tag and rolling down hills. I do a special walk called a farmer’s walk too. Farmers carry heavy stuff all day, and it makes their body and hands strong. I carry ten pounds in each hand and walk with my dad around the block. It keeps me busy, entertained and as a bonus it’s so much fun and it’s good for us too! It is so much fun stomping in puddles I wanted to say that again so you know how much fun it is!

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The last reason I know I am an OCR kid is because I really started watching what I eat because I didn’t eat very wisely before a race and ate junk food… It was not fun at all so I’m warning you not to eat junk food before a race. Try not to eat much junk food at all if you can. I have learned the hard way. Now I eat healthy before I work out or race like an apple, banana, and I also drink a lot of water so I’m not thirsty during a race. I do get one treat. My dad lets me have a soda ticket when we finish a race! I don’t drink soda at home so it is really fun! He gets a beer ticket but soda tastes better as a treat.

In conclusion, I know I’m an OCR kid because of the great reasons I just told you. I also like seeing when my next race is on the calendar. It makes me want to train because I like doing well. Being an OCR kid has made me nicer to people too, because people at races have always been nice to me. This reminds me it is good to be nice to people, and tell them hi even if they have a mean face on. If you see me at a race please say hi!

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